The Marijuana Harvest is in Full Swing

Daily Marijuana Harvest

Each day now I come home and check my plants. The big sativa cross (I’m pretty sure it’s a Red Girl x Dutch as opposed to the Purp – both came from Vancouver Seed Bank) is the one ripening fastest. I was afraid it was getting a bit of mold here and there, which surprised me, as it’s been hot and pretty dry. I pulled a few buds that looked like they might be dying, and since then everything has been ok, except…
Marijuana Harvest
….this nice set of buds got too heavy and broke the stem!

If you look through the buds in this picture you’ll see the stem that was supporting the top bud cluster. It’s not too thick, but I probably mentioned that it suddenly took off with a huge growth spurt back in July. Marijuana Harvest

Anyway, I went out to check the plants yesterday and discovered that this bud cluster and stem were hanging down by a thread of hemp. I cut the stem off and started curing it.
Marijuana Harvest

Every Day Brings a Change

You can see from this picture that the hairs on the buds had started to turn brown. That change only took a day or two. The earlier pictures were from 3 days ago and they’re nowhere near as brown.
Marijuana Harvest

This is it untrimmed:
Marijuana Harvest

And here it is trimmed:
Marijuana Harvest

Today’s Marijuana Harvest

Today I went out and looked the plants over. So far it’s still really only the Red Girl that’s getting ready, but a lot of her buds near the top were ripe so I clipped them off. Here’s what I brought in:
Marijuana Harvest

And this is what I ended up with:
Marijuana Harvest

A Nice Combo

Marijuana Harvest

What I’ve Learned Lately

I’ve read a few places that an early marijuana harvest gives you buds with a slightly different chemical make up, and as a result, a slightly different high. Early harvests mean a more motivated high and later harvests mean a more narcotic high. I can testify that the early buds did give me a clearer, more motivated buzz. As I’ve written before, at first I wasn’t sure the stuff was working, but it definitely was. I’ll have to cure these buds and see if there is a difference when I smoke them. You can read more about early vs. late marijuana harvests here or here.

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