Planting Marijuana Seeds

Once you’ve successfully germinated some marijuana seeds it’s time to plant them.

You can use various growing mediums, but for now we’ll go with the most basic method.

You’re going to put some dirt into a container. Sterile potting soil is best because there is less chance of disease or fungus attacking your babies. If you don’t have sterile potting soil you can sterilize your own or just use some good dirt.

The old school planter

The old school planter

When you choose a container remember that you’re going to be transplanting the seedlings at some point in time. Plant them in a container that you can tear open (styrofoam cup, milk carton) or in something that you can just plant in something else (peat pellets, rockwool cubes).

peat pellets

Peat Pellets (Jiffy Pellets, Jiffy Cubes)

rockwoll cube

Rockwool cube









If you look at the germinated seeds you’ll see the sprout coming out of the pointy end and then curving around in the opposite direction. The sprout wants to point down so that it can push the seed case up out of the ground toward the sun. Help it do that by planting the seed with the sprout pointing down (which generally means planting the seed with the pointy end up).

Germinating seeds

The marijuana seed should be about one seed length deep, and if you’re planting un-germinated seeds then just place them that deep into the medium (dirt, rockwool or whatever) with the pointy end up. However, if you’re using germinated seeds the length of the sprout will impact your next move. A barely cracked seed with a tiny sprout goes 1 seed length deep, pointy end up, sprout down. A seed with a long sprout needs a deeper hole for the sprout, but the seed case may be just below or right at the surface. Use good judgement.  In the picture above you can see some seeds where the root is clearly curving backwards against the seed (go pointy end up).  On others the root has grown enough while out of the earth to be going it’s own way (plant those with the root going straight down and forget about what end of the seed is pointy).

Once the seed is in the hole you have gently pack the medium around it. Be careful not to crush the seed, especially the sprout, which is very fragile.

Water the seeds and keep them moist (but not soaked, or the sprouts will get moldy or rot). Some growers put the newly planted seeds under a plastic top to maintain moisture. Do what’s right for your environment to keep the seeds warm and moist.

Sprouts in rockwool

Sprouts from peat pellets

Sprouts in peat pellets









As soon as the seed cases are poking out of the ground you can put them under lights. Sunny window sills work, as do fluorescent lights. Be careful about putting them under super harsh light right off the bat.

As always, be patient. The little marijuana seeds will struggle to poke above the ground, split the seed shell in two and bust out the first pair of leaves. You’ll be tempted to help pull off the seed case, but don’t get too involved.  Let Nature take her course.

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Growing marijuana may be illegal where you live. Check local laws. I do not recommend breaking the law, nor am I encouraging or inducing anyone to do so.

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This blog talks about different ways of growing marijuana. Growing marijuana may be illegal where you live, and if it is I don't recommend that you break the law. Also, don't do damage to other peoples' property while cultivating cannabis. Instead, if you're going to do it, cultivate something special that you can share with your friends and that you can be proud of.