What’s The Point of Grow Your Own Stone?

Do We Really Need Another Website About Growing Weed?

There are a few reasons why this website exists. First, I like making websites and posting stuff on the internet. Second, I felt like growing some weed and sharing my experiences. Third…well, I don’t need a third reason. Two are good enough. If a few people come here and pick up some pointers or learn from my experience then I’m happy.

Grow your Own Stone

What You’ll Find Here

Grow Your Own Stone documents my experience growing weed. You’ll find some info here about seeds, germination, cloning, growing, harvesting and curing. Not all the info is going to be the very best, but none of it will be BS (or if it turns out to be, I’ll own that).

Grow your Own Stone

Why You Should Grow Your Own Weed

There are lots of reasons why you should grow your own weed. Homegrown organic marijuana is better for you than weed grown with chemicals. Homegrown marijuana saves you money. Homegrown marijuana gives you control over your supply.

But…the biggest reason is because it’s the moral thing to do.

The war on drugs is a failure. Prohibition has lowered the cost of drugs, increased the supply, made organized crime rich, militarized the police, filled prisons with non-violent offenders, and caused thousands, if not millions, of people to be killed in drug violence.

What can you do? Petition your government to legalize weed is an obvious step, but you can also vote with your wallet. Stop buying weed from the black market. By black market I don’t mean your buddy who grows dope in his backyard or basement. I mean organized crime that grows marijuana commercially without meeting the requirements that all other legitimate business meets. I don’t care if they’re growing in warehouses locally or bringing it in from Mexico. Supporting the black market isn’t necessary, and it’s immoral.

Why is buying on the black market immoral?
Buying on the black market supports that market’s viability, and that market generates violence. We don’t need that violence. Kids in Mexico die as a result of drug violence, which occurs because of profits made on the black market. Innocent people in North America die in organized drug crime related violence. If nobody supported the black market, the violence would disappear. Do I think that we can get rid of the black market related violence that easily? No. But I do think that we shouldn’t contribute to it if we can avoid doing so, and in many areas growing your own weed is a viable solution.

I don’t want you to feel bad. If you can’t grow your own weed in your backyard, or you don’t have a friend who can, then you’ve got to just keep on keeping on. However, think about it, and if you can swing it, grow your own. It’s the moral thing to do.

Stop the Violence -Legalize Pot Now!

Growing weed isn’t rocket science, but whenever I’ve done it I’ve had some problems understanding the instructions that I’ve found in books and on other sites. Maybe other people are smarter than I am, or maybe people just learn in different ways. I’ll present info here that might work for you. If it doesn’t, don’t worry. There are lots of other places to look for the info, and you can always ask someone with more experience. I’ve found talking to seed breeders and other growers is helpful and informative, and that they like sharing their knowledge.

You’ll also find discussion about weed related issues like legalization and weed strains. Feel free to comment on any of it.

Grow your Own Stone

How This Site is Organized

Seriously? You expect organization? You obviously don’t know me very well. I am about the most disorganized ADD guy you’ll find. But, I try. So, what I’ve got here is this landing page, a few other pages with stuff that caught my fancy, and then the blog. The blog is where the day to day posts go. You can browse through it and see the progress of whatever I’m up to at whatever time, or you can search by categories and tags, like with any WordPress site.

Am I Trying to Make Money Here?

Sure. I’ve got Google Adsense and a few affiliate links, plus the Amazon links. Buy something if you like. Money isn’t the prime goal though, and in fact, the guys I recommend for seeds, the Vancouver Seed Bank, don’t have an affiliate program.


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This blog talks about different ways of growing marijuana. Growing marijuana may be illegal where you live, and if it is I don't recommend that you break the law. Also, don't do damage to other peoples' property while cultivating cannabis. Instead, if you're going to do it, cultivate something special that you can share with your friends and that you can be proud of.